KFC Is Going To Start Selling Fried Soup In Japan

In food news so American that I can’t believe it’s coming from Japan, the brain trust at KFC hasn’t quite one-upped the mighty Famous Bowl with its latest invention, but it is definitely taking the way people eat soup to a brand new level. Starting Thursday, KFC regulars in the Land of the Rising Sun will be able to enjoy the wildly popular creamy corn potage soup in a new fried form. That’s right, KFC Japan has figured out a way to deep-fry soup.

Corn potage has been a favorite of Japanese foodies for years, as it’s even available in vending machines and in popsicle form (BARF), according to Rocket News, which also explains that KFC got the idea from none other than the man himself – Colonel Sanders.

Aside from simple gluttony, KFC cites the autobiography of founder Colonel Sanders as an inspiration for their new creation. The Colonel’s autobiography contains a recipe for potato bacon fritters, which KFC Japan started from and tweaked in developing its corn potage variant.

So how exactly do you fry soup? Well, apparently KFC freezes small blocks of the corn potage and then breads them before dropping them all in the good, old deep-fryer. The result is a crispy shell wrapped around a creamy, chunky soup. And people say that innovation is dead.

However, Japanese consumers will have to act fast, because the deep-fried soup will be available for a limited time, so if you’re an impatient fried fast food enthusiast, there’s only one appropriate reaction.

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