KFC Rewards The Guy Who Figured Out Their ’11 Herbs And Spices’ Twitter Joke With An Amazing Prize

Last month, KFC blew the Internet’s collective mind with an Easter egg hiding in plain site on the fast food chain’s Twitter account. See, KFC is following exactly 11 people on Twitter: all five of the Spice Girls and six random dudes named “Herb,” including a few musicians and athletes, the President of the Los Angeles City Council, and the head of the Tijuana Brass. As in, “11 herbs and spices,” referencing Colonel Sanders’ top secret fried chicken recipe.

The gag was first pointed out on Twitter by user Mike Edgette, who wrote at the time, “@KFC follows 11 people. Those 11 people? 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb. 11 Herbs & Spices. I need time to process this.” Edgette’s tweet went insanely viral as others picked up on the joke, which was retweeted over 300,000 times. Naturally, this brought a not insignificant amount of publicity to KFC — and deservedly so, credit where credit is due — so the company decided to do something nice for the guy who decoded their riddle.

Last weekend Edgette posted an update, tweeting, “Dreams DO come true. #GiddyUpColonel,” with photos of a glorious, personalized work of art sent to him from KFC, worthy of hanging alongside some of the masterpieces in the Louvre or the Met, if we’re being honest.

Although if KFC wanted to do something really nice they could have also given him the exact 11 herbs and spices recipe, but of course if they told him they’d also probably have to kill him. Maybe just stick with the painting.