Kiba The Cosplaying Corgi Had Us At ‘Cosplaying Corgi’

If this day is getting you down — and don’t look at a calender if it isn’t — have we got just the thing for you. Kiba The Cosplaying Corgi just cheered us up immensely.

When not dressing up as Mario, Raphael the Ninja Turtle, two versions of Link from Legend Of Zelda, Yoda, or Edward Kenway from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, this adorable Corgi serves an even more valuable purpose. Kiba is also a therapy dog, and we can’t imagine a better canine to be a therapy dog than a Corgi wearing little outfits. How could anyone have anxiety or depression with this little cuddlemonster around?

Just look at that face!

Kiba, you’re famous!

You can check out more pictures of Kiba on Facebook. Thanks to Neatorama for the assist.