‘Kick-Ass 2’ Videos: Hit-Girl Gets Melodramatic and McLovin Discovers His Destiny

Just yesterday we were checking out two clips from Kick-Ass 2, and today we have three more clips. No Ferris Bueller references in these, however. Instead we get Chloe Moretz arguing with Morris Chestnut as well as Christopher Mintz-Plasse discovering his destiny and declaring, “I have to tweet about this.”

In the first clip, Hit-Girl argues with her legal guardian Marcus and holy crap I hope this is as bad as the movie ever gets. This scene is a master class on how not to convey a point or promote a movie. They need to seriously stop repeating the character’s name (Rose! Jack! Rose! Jack!), playing the soap opera style melodramatic plunking piano music, and having a character see herself as someone else in the mirror. Just stop. No. Do better.

The other two scenes are of Christopher Mintz-Plasse as “The Mother F–ker” and his driver (John Leguizamo) figuring out what to do now that Red Mist is no more. We also get to see Daniel Kaluuya (Black Death) out of costume. Turns out his supervillain origin story is, “McLovin gave me a wad of cash, so I’m evil now.” *shrug* It’s a living.

Kick-Ass 2 opens August 16th, and thankfully the other clips have been much better than these.

(Thanks to CBM and also CBM. Banner picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.)