Kids Are Tweeting Photos Of Nasty School Lunches With The Hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama

Ever since the USDA cracked down on school lunches in an effort by First Lady Michelle Obama to reduce childhood obesity, schools have been forced to strictly regulate the amount of fat, calories and sodium that go into our kids lunches. Public school lunches tend to be a little hairy to begin with (I know I personally subsisted on a healthy diet of tater tots with mayonnaise through my teen years; haters to the left because it’s totally socially acceptable if you call it “aioli”), so unfortunately the new regulations have not necessarily improved the condition of school lunches.

This has led to sarcastic teens tweeting out photos of their school lunches with the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama. I mean, I get it that gross school lunches are the worst, but you can’t blame Michelle Obama for at least trying to make a difference. That said, the meme, which has apparently been going around since late last year but is only recently picking up steam, is admittedly kind of hilarious.

Here’s what “baked beans” looks like:

Okay come on now, some of them are pretty bad but I found one from an account that almost immediately went private that was just yogurt, for christ’s sake. There’s “bad” and then there’s “get the f*ck over yourself and eat the damn yogurt, kid.” Either way, glad I’m not a teenager in today’s world. Give me life, liberty and the pursuit of delicious fried potato nuggets covered in mayo over mystery mush, any day.

(Via Buzzfeed)