A Kid’s Letter To Santa Asking Him To Make Pokemon Real Is A Super Effective Attack On The Heartstrings

Ah man guys, get ready to feel some feels.

Elementary schooler Kinnell recently discovered that Pokemon aren’t real, a particularly devastating realization since, according to his dad Kevin Fanning, Pokemon factored into Kinnell’s future plans in a big way.

“In his mind he’d been sort of looking to a future where he envisioned himself being responsible enough to have a real Pokemon when he was 10. I think he eventually had looked at it from enough angles that he realized, wait, I don’t know any 10 year olds with Pokemon, and I never actually see Pokemon anywhere in the real world, oh my god they’re not real, and he just started sobbing.”

Oh man, so what does a kid do when the bottom falls out of their world like that? Well, they appeal to the only figure in their life more important than Pikachu — Kinnell wrote a letter to Santa Claus asking him how to make Pokemon real. Hey, don’t laugh! Well, okay, you can laugh a little — trust me, it won’t last once you read Kinnell’s letter, which his dad posted on Twitter.

[Holds head in hands]. Oh, Kinnell, Kinnell, Kinnell — if this kid writes the Easter Bunny to ask why Santa isn’t reponding, I’m done. Kinnell’s dad doesn’t seem to know what to do either…

“I wish there was some other way through this conversation with my son, and I guess posting his letter was my way of asking for ideas.”

My suggestion? Go out and get a hamster and some yellow paint. It won’t solve the problem, but at least it will buy you some time while you think of a solution.

via Kotaku