Will The Kentucky County Clerk Who Refuses To Issue Marriage Licenses Be Impeached?

By now, your friends, family members, or opinionated acquaintances have probably flooded your Facebook feed with the story of Kim Davis, the county clerk of Rowan, Ky., who stands opposed to the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage. The elected official is a self-proclaimed defender of the sanctity of marriage, and she believes that God does not want her issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples, so she’s not issuing marriage licenses to any couples, even if it means that she’s in contempt of court and in danger of being impeached from her position. Naturally, she’s a polarizing figure in the national news, as gay couples have given her an earful at her office and shared their outrage in video form for all the world to see.

As with all instant fame, Davis’ life is now being picked apart by the national media. Turns out the great enforcer of “God’s Authority” has been married four times, so she knows a thing or four about the sanctity of “Til death do we part.” Additionally, she reportedly gave birth to the third husband’s kids shortly after divorcing her first husband, but it was the second husband who adopted the kids, and that is basically the unholy trinity of wedlock. Davis was of course quick to find lawyers who would take up her cause, and soon enough she’ll probably have a few GoFundMe accounts set up in her honor by people who’d like her to have their money for her “heroic” ways.

But will she actually be fined or even impeached for not doing the job that she has been elected to do? We’ll know Thursday after she tries to tell a judge all about her holy authority. For more, anchors Tom Storey and Briana Lane weigh in on today’s episode of The Desk.

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