Kim Kardashian Completely Forgot To Put A Shirt On For Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are out in Paris for Fashion Week, and last night they went out to an event and Kim must have left her hotel and completely forgotten to put a shirt on! That’s so embarrassing, I bet her face was three shades of red once she realized her mistake! One time I was riding my bike wearing a dress and passed by a glass storefront window and realized that my dress had ridden up and half of my asscheek was hanging out, and I thought that was bad — but at the worst all I got was ogled by some cab drivers. Whereas Kim was in the front row for a runway show at an event celebrating fashion, no less, with photographers and paparazzi and everything! I mean didn’t she feel a draft? Anything?

Oh well. On the plus side, her cleavage matches her husband’s this way. I guess it is true what they say about couples who start to look like one another.