Kim Kardashian Shared Pics Of Her Home And It’s More Minimalist Than Minimalism Has Ever Minimalized

There comes a point in an ultra-rich celebrity’s life where they stop being normal and start doing seriously weird stuff. Stuff like buying an entire social media app or make a movie about themselves or being Tom Cruise or, if you’re Kim Kardashian, furnishing your home with the coldest sparsest decore you can find. What do you expect celebrities to do? Spend their money on normal things like the entire first season of House Of The Dragon on Blu-Ray? These people have more money than they know what to do with — you’d be a little weird too!

In a recent Instagram post, Kim Kardashian dropped a slideshow captioned “Things at home that make me happy,” which included an empty ceramic mug, a monochrome living room, what is probably the coldest marble chair on Earth, and a bedroom that looks straight out of an Egyptian tomb.

A few loose blankets are tossed around to give the sights a bit of a lived-in feel but we think the same vibe would’ve come across if Kim just left a loose charger hanging around or a couple of loose pens or something. Still, we appreciate the effort from Kim to make us feel like we’re just like her.

Kim’s home decor aesthetic is so minimalist that we might as well rename ‘minimalism’ to the word ‘Kardashian,’ and while Kim is being predictably roasted in her own comment section for having the least welcoming home on Earth, you know what? Who gives a f*ck. If these objects make Kim Kardashian happy, more power to her. Some of us get happy when we see a random gash in a cushion (is that what’s going on with picture #9?!) while others just want adult Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s. Life is weird.