Hey, Here’s That Naked Kim Kardashian Selfie You Were Asking For

Good news, Kim Kardashian fans. While the rest of the world may be just a teensy bit done with her and her family, the reality star, mother, and author (doesn’t matter if it’s just selfies—sadly, it’s still a book) Kim isn’t done with us. Today, she posted a selfie of herself naked and pregnant and she wants everyone to see it.

So, here is Kim K’s latest NSFW dispatch.

The selfie was apparently posted because people didn’t believe Kim was pregnant. I don’t know who those people are, because most of the world just said “congratulations” when the pregnancy was announced and went on with their day, but, apparently, the Illuminati or some other shadowy organization is claiming that Kim’s too thin or too fat to be pregnant. So, here’s proof that she really is. And butt. Also, there is butt.

I’m not going to speculate on whether this is real or not, that really isn’t my place, but I know at least one person who brightened the entire picture to “check for inconsistencies,” and he told me that there’s no photoshop in this photo. Thank God for ethics in Kim Kardashian journalism, where would we be without it?

(Via Twitter)