‘What A Craptastic Load Of Crap’: The Reviews For Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Book Are In!

As every successful businessperson must, Kim Kardashian has written her long-awaited tell-all, revealing how she made her first dollar, the importance of mixing business with pleasure, keeping your eyes on prize, and also her boobs. The Amazon customer reviews for Kim’s selfie book Selfish, a title that’s both winking and flashing at you, are in, and they are Jem-level not kind.

For every sincere “this is a lovely coffee table-esq book,” there are nine “who needs coal for Christmas stockings next year? Here it is! And then you can use it to start a fire in your fireplace!”

Sarcasm wasn’t everyone’s tone of choice, and others are just straight-up cruel.

Well said. Here are some more:

That last guy only reads the Kardashian selfie book for the articles.

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