Jimmy Kimmel Chokes Back Tears During A Segment About A 7-Year-Old Fighting Cancer

02.27.14 46 Comments

Most of our coverage of Jimmy Kimmel and his late-night show involves people looking stupid. Sometimes it’s a bunch of Coachella hipsters, sometimes it’s a bunch of idiots on Twitter, and sometimes it’s, uh, us. (Dammit, Kimmel.) But this clip is different. Here’s the description from the show’s official YouTube page.

Jimmy noticed that a lot of kids are really into Rainbow Loom, so he asked parents to have their children loom something for him. We weaved all of their creations together to make a “Suit Of The Loom” for Jimmy to wear on the show. So many kids participated in this, but we got a very special video from the students at Arroyo Elementary School in Tustin, California. They have been working to make the longest Rainbow Loom chain in the world, and they’re holding a Loom-A-Thon to create awareness for “The Max Love Project” which helps kids fight cancer – all in honor of their seven year old classmate Max who is battling cancer himself. The kids told Jimmy that he had to meet “Super Max” and after seeing this inspiring video Jimmy agreed with them and brought Max onto the show.

It’s all very nice and sweet, and you should watch the whole clip to really get the full adorable experience, but the big attention-grabber happens at the very end when HOAXER EXTRAORDINAIRE Jimmy Kimmel chokes back tears while tossing it to commercial. And who the hell can blame him? As a wise man sitting in front of a fireplace once said, “Strong men also cry. Strong men … also cry.”

Source: Hypervocal

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