Here’s What Kobe Bryant And LeBron James Would’ve Looked Like As College Freshmen

In the spirit of March Madness, provides some rather interesting wallpaper designed by Tyson Beck in the form of Kobe Bryant in a Duke uniform and LeBron James donning Ohio State. Imagining how different the college and NBA landscape would be had these two decided semesters instead of All Star Breaks were more important opens up a treasure chest of what ifs.*

Instead of wasting 5,000 words on that – at some point in my life I will – head to to download this joint photo or a solo image of Bean or Bron. And if you’re feeling truly froggy, hit @Posterizes up casting your vote for #BlueMamba or #ChosenOne.

* – For what it’s worth, and despite his close bond with Mike Krzyzewski, Kobe once admitted he would have chosen UNC over Duke.