The 'Kony 2012' People Are Back To Swindle You Again

Noted public masturbator and stealer-of-charity-money Jason Russell of the questionable organization Invisible Children is back with a new campaign, his latest after the now infamous Kony 2012 fiasco and bizarre public meltdown last year. It has to do with warlord Joseph Kony, again. Apparently they want to drop leaflets and broadcast “come home” messages to the soldiers so that they’ll defect. Look, it’s all here in this Invisible Children created handy-dandy chart thing:

That is until you try googling the “come home” campaign and all that comes up are Invisible Children links. One recent interview in Time Magazine and another from the Washington Post in April are the only non-IC authored posts, and even the interviews are conducted in PR speak. While there is evidence of Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army still in the region, there’s no empirical evidence that Invisible Children are actually doing anything.

The furthest any article goes is a post from a Ugandan website that cites a statement Invisible Children made about the “imminent mass defection” – which means that no such deflection has actually happened yet.

Considering that Invisible Children made around $20 million from their “Kony 2012” campaign and ended up not catching Kony and not actually doing anything with the money, it looks like they’re trying the same tactic just another year later. And considering Invisible Children hadn’t released any financial statements for the “Kony 2012” campaign – they really aren’t to be trusted. Don’t fall for their swindle, internet denizens out there.