Naturally, Kris Humphries Tweeted Something Dumb In Response To Bruce Jenner’s Interview

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While Bruce Jenner was busy telling Diane Sawyer she was transgender — that he was in fact a woman — a former familial relation by legality was busy clicking the “Send” button on a tweet he probably shouldn’t have written in the first place. Washington Wizards player and short-lived husband to Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries decided to express his mind anyway. Probably not the best idea, Humphries.

Okay Kris, you’re half right. #Gottadoyou is meant to be a tip of the hat to anyone who blazes their own trail — regardless of the obstacles others place in the way. So good on you for acknowledging Jenner’s drive.

On the other hand, while I hope the “I’m glad I got out when I did” was meant for Kanye West‘s wife, I’m pretty sure it’s not. Let’s not forget you didn’t leave the family because Bruce might actually be a lady. You left because, well, you were kicked out.

(Via Twitter)