Celebrity Instagram Endorsements Take Another Credibility Hit Thanks To Kris Jenner And A Bad Photoshop

Getty Image

Everybody knows that reality TV stars are handsomely paid for their social media product endorsements, from the Kardashians — who obviously lead the pack on this — to the lowest rung of Bachelor castoffs. One might (correctly) assume that this is pretty much the easiest way in the world to earn a paycheck, yet somehow they still incredibly manage to get bungled more often than you’d think.

Take, for example, this recent post by the aforementioned Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner. On Thursday, Jenner posted the following post on Instagram shilling for a “tummy tea” detox product, not so subtly bragging that “people always ask [her] how [she] stays in shape and looking so good.”

Something smells funny, and it’s not that tummy tea in her hand. Clearly, there are some major Photoshop shenanigans going on here, not the least of which involve some major airbrushing and contouring. The most obvious and egregious slip up seems to involve the business under her right arm and warping effect to the wooden table below — however if you zoom in even closer the choppy pixelation around her outline (not to mention wonky lighting) seems to suggest that Jenner was clipped out of another photo entirely and dropped into the workout setting.

Either way, for every few “goals” or “slay” comments or the photo, there were others who were definitely not buying it:

The photo shopping has me #shooketh ???? #worsephotoshopever

People always ask me how I stay in shape……it’s called airbrushing

Who are you deceiving? Lol

the amount of smooth filter on this lol

Photoshopping not very realistic. But if that’s what you want to portray then ?

Super airbrushing skills….

anyone notice the warp on the bar between her hands? lmao


Better luck next time, fam!