Kylie Jenner Was Filmed Taking A Selfie And It Might Be The Most Ridiculous Thing You’ve Ever Seen

“Hey! Hey you!” an exasperated voice shouts in the video above. It belongs to Rob Kardashian, and he’s yelling at someone taking pictures. But that person isn’t a paparazzo taking covert pictures of Rob through his windows, it’s Kylie Jenner and she’s taking pictures of herself. In front of a mirror, so she can make sure she’s taking the best selfie anyone has ever seen. That’s dedication. And it’s the most ridiculous and (yes, hypnotizing) thing you’ll see today.

Please watch:

According to Jezebel, the video was snapped on Sunday afternoon by the frustrated Kardashian. The most amazing part isn’t that Jenner’s so vain that she literally takes selfies in front of a mirror, but that she’s so hypnotized by her own reflection that repeated shouts in her general direction won’t draw her away from her task. What would happen, do you think, if there were a real emergency and not just an angry sibling who’s ready to go to lunch (assumption on my part) and is done with your laziness? How long would it take for Jenner to notice the smell of smoke in the air if there was a fire? And would she run out of the house to safety or stop for a second to consider how cool she’d look taking a selfie while it blazed around her? Is #beautyinflames or #earthquakepretty really out of the realm of possibility?

“Oh S#@%” Kylie Jenner screams as she realizes that the big one has finally come for California. “I’d better run for cover,” she thinks as she looks at the devastation around her. “But first, let me take a selfie.”

It’s rare that we get a behind-the-scenes peek like this and it’s nice to know that Kylie Jenner, like all of us trying to choose our best selfies out there, also has to take about 100 before choosing one to post to the internet. Unlike us, of course, Jenner’s a millionaire and a teen landlord. But, you know, her shocked expression at the end really makes up for all that. Please keep filming, Rob Kardashian. Please keep filming.

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