‘The Last Jedi’s’ Shirtless Kylo Ren And His High Pants Are Inspiring Some Bizarre Memes

Now that the intense back and forth between fans that loved The Last Jedi and those that hated it has settled, the whole of the Star Wars community is shifting its focus to something much more important — the Kylo Ren scene in which he’s shirtless with his pants hiked up above his tummy. It’s a weird, look, but in the context of the movie and the scene, it makes some sense.

Huffington Post spoke with co-sound supervisor Ren Klyce, who explained that the whole point of seeing Kylo half-naked was to prove that Rey was seeing him at that very moment, not just through some cross-galaxy force communication. “That was important to establish what she was actually seeing, Klyce said. “Was she hearing his voice or seeing his face or just his eyes? And so that [shirtless scene] is to inform the audience, ‘Oh, she can see his body.’”

It’s subtle, which is what makes the scene so well done. But once again (and most importantly) — those high pants and that wide chest.

There’s no shortage of people swooning over Adam Driver’s U.S. Marine-chiseled body, but the opposite end of the spectrum are the people who think the whole situation is weird and hilarious. The obvious next step for the former is to post Twitter reactions showing .gifs of people cooling themselves off, while the latter are here to create bizarre memes around Kylo Ren’s seemingly disproportionate body.