Kyrie Irving Adds Brandon Knight To “Broken Ankles List”

Last night’s Rising Stars Challenge played out like a snoozer: well, a snoozer which saw 298 points scored in 40 rolling minutes. Anyway, with the game already decided, Kyrie Irving decided to wake the crowd up at poor Brandon Knight’s expense. Uncle Drew’s cross got Brandon going the wrong way, then the mean step back had Brandon take a seat while Irving coolly drained his jumper. Hearing Adjunct Professor Chris Webber lose his shit through it all makes the play that much better.

To be fair, Brandon got Kyrie back with a cross to long three which he probably didn’t call bank on. YouTube is currently pretending like that play didn’t happen and would rather brand him as that guy who never watched an Uncle Drew commercial. Good job, internet.

So…who can’t wait for Kyrie to leave Cleveland? This guy, That’s who!

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