Feel The Vibes From Lakim’s ‘Reinterpretations’

The democratization of music production over the past decade didn’t come without casualties. Fruity Loops, now known as FL Studio, stood at the forefront of bringing the studio to your room. It also became the scapegoat of many purists who swear the DAW ruined genres based around loops: namely rap. Call me crazy but the people behind the program didn’t change its name to “FL Studio” just because it sounds cool.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion on the matter. At the same time one’s skill, imagination and output trumps whatever instrument he or she uses to make records. The point’s especially true with Lakim’s work: all made with FL Studio. Reinterpretations, his latest work, sees the producer embrace the jiggy side of things with hints of garage, juke and trap rolled into one project. Justin Timberlake, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott are just a few artists who get the remix/re-werk treatment here.

Grab it on Bandcamp thanks to Potholes in my Blog at no cost. Your feet will be glad you did. If you can’t dance then, well, do a bank head bounce or something else simple.

DownloadLakim – Reinterpretations

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