The Latest ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ DLC Focuses On Bruce Wayne’s Ninja Training

Batman: Arkham Origins was sold as a prequel starring a young, inexperienced Bruce Wayne, but the Batman of Arkham Origins already had all his skills and toys and had already met most of his enemies and allies — sort of a stretch to call it an origins story honestly. Well hey, guess what? Turns out Warner Bros. was saving Batman’s actual origins for DLC!

The Initiation challenge map pack focuses on Bruce Wayne undergoing his Batman Begins-esque training in a monastery in North Korea. In other words, this DLC is all about Bruce Wayne kicking some serious ninja ass. Consider me intrigued. Check out a trailer below…

This would have gone a long way to differentiating Origins from the previous Arkham games if they had found a way of including it in the main campaign. Oh well, hope Warners enjoys those few extra DLC dollars.

via Destructoid