‘Your Pronoun Is Karen’: Lauren Boebert Is Getting Roasted For Announcing That ‘My Pronoun Is Patriot’

If you’re trying to dunk on a social media platform’s push to make the internet more inclusive by way of performative outrage, you might want to make sure you have a basic understanding of grammar and terminology. Lauren Boebert clearly forgot to do so.

After both Linkedin and Instagram implemented new capabilities allowing users to share their preferred pronouns on their profiles, the Republican representative from Colorado posted a tweet that seemed intended as a dig at anyone not strictly adhering to the gender binary labels of old.

In Bobert’s defense, she did skip high school, receiving her GED just a few months before she was elected to office, so the mechanics of good grammar — including the difference between a noun and a pronoun — might not be of concern to her. However, though unfortunately for Boebert, Twitter’s knives were already sharpened, and they came out fairly quickly in response to the Congresswoman’s willful ignorance.

Why it matters to Boebert (or anyone else for that matter) what pronoun a person uses in their social media bio, well, we couldn’t tell you, but she seems to be triggered, which is ironic considering that she’s a gun-obsessed nationalist. And her approach says lot about how Boebert approaches many other issues.