Leah Remini Alleges That Scientology Has Doubled Down On Harassing Her Since She Sued Them For Harassment

Ex-second generation Scientologist has largely devoted her public image to fighting back against the organization since departing in 2013. She has revealed several disturbing incidents over the years, including the time that she and Jennifer Lopez were tailed by Scientology goons. Remini has also detailed her experiences in a bestselling memoir, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, and hosted multiple seasons of her Emmy-award winning docuseries, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

The King Of Queens star recently sued Scientology for “harassment” as well as “psychological torture” and “surveillance.” She now alleges that, after filing the lawsuit, the organization’s harassment has grown even more intense, and she has amended her legal filing, via NBC News:

Remini says attacks by the church and its leader, David Miscavige, “have escalated to a much greater degree than ever before,” Remini said in an amended complaint filed last week in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Since the actor’s civil complaint was filed on Aug. 2, Remini said she and her friends have been targeted with increasingly aggressive tactics by Scientology..

Within the amended filing, Remini alleges several new incidents, including hacking of several credit cards and a related business account. She also claims that her mother may have been monitored too (as a means of intimidation) and mentions an unidentified car that has been lurking near her home.

None of this has stopped Remini from pursuing her cause. As she noted on Twitter, she recently interviewed Scientology Head David Miscavige’s former camerawoman, who “escaped Scientology” and is telling her story to Remini for the first time. You can see the link to that interview below.

(Via NBC News)