And This Is What Happens When John Henson Is Forced To Guard LeBron

Every rookie has a “welcome to the NBA moment” a la when Kobe dunked and put his man region on Dwight’s face during the ’04-’05 season. This wasn’t as bad for John Henson, but the guy had to be scared shitless on an island with LeBron.

The King’s speed plus Henson’s cinderblocks for feet helped for a reverse baseline dunk and a highlight that produced many Friday night for the Heat. Bron finished with a normal night at the office posting 28-10-7 on 50% shooting while Chris Bosh poured in 28 of his own. Dwyane Wade added 20-7-9 following a nasty collision with Larry Sanders in the first half.

The 107-94 victory gives Miami their 50th win of the season. And 21st straight. You may or may not have heard about that by now.