The Joy Of This Lego Plane’s Liftoff Quickly Turns To Heartbreak

There are very few people in the world who haven’t spent hours hunched over in impossible positions placing tiny Lego bricks into the perfect spot so their dream or blueprint can be imagined. We’ve all built stuff using Lego bricks, but not many of us have the skills to get a Lego plane off the ground and into the air. Doing so would be a beautiful thing. You’d feel so free. But it would also likely take hours of building until the plane was perfected. And even then — would it fly?

Yes. Yes, it would fly. The man, doubting the Lego plane would have the power to lift up and soar through his workshop revved the engine. It worked. For a few fleeting moments, the wind was beneath its wings, and science was propelling the craft that just minutes ago was a pile of bricks into the sky. It was beautiful, it was important. This was God’s work. How far could this plane go?

Not far.

The plane is in the air for less that a second until it crashes into a crate, and the once glorious aircraft is reduced to rubble instantly. It’s all over except the apologies to whoever took their time to make the ship.