This Lego Rivendell Is Fit For An Elvish King

Hey, remember Alice Finch? She’s the Lego fanatic who won “best in show” at last year’s BrickCon for her massive, 400,000 Lego brick version of Hogwarts. Well hey, guess who won at BrickCon again this year? Yup, Alice is back (along with new co-builder David Frank) with a Lego version of Rivendell, the city where Elrond and the elves live in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

Alice’s Rivendell isn’t quite as large as her Hogwarts (it only contains a paltry 200,000 pieces) but in terms of amazing, exacting detail, it blows her previous work away. Hit the next pages for some more pictures…

via The Brothers Brick

Welcome to Lego Rivendell…

Looking positively lush.

Yup, it’s the ring wraiths being washed away by the river in plastic form. 

Slowly but surely they’ll work on smaller and smaller Lego creations until they’re in each other’s arms.