Watch An Awesome LEGO X-Wing, TIE Fighter And AT-AT Get Destroyed in Glorious Slow Motion

As any kid will tell you, the only thing more satisfying than piecing together a really elaborate, awesome-looking LEGO model is smashing a really awesome-looking LEGO model to bits. Particularly if said model belongs to your little brother. What? I’ve done some things I’m not proud of, okay?

Well, over the past week the folks at Wired have been revisiting their childhoods by building some really rad LEGO Star Wars ships and vehicles, then smashing the hell out of them in glorious slow motion. Above, we have the latest video – an X-Wing plunging to its fiery destruction against the side of the Death Star.

But that’s not all! Wired has been pumping these babies out, so below we have an AT-ST falling into an Ewok trap and getting obliterated by logs.

Here’s an AT-AT walker exploding after being dropped from a height. Don’t recall that happening in Empire Strikes Back, but what the hell, it should have happened.

And finally, a TIE Fighter being destroyed by “asteroids”…

It’s good to know that as the amount of surrious business on the internet steadily increases, there are still people out there smashing Lego in slow motion for our amusement. What would you like to see Wired bust up next?

(Via Wired)