Let’s Celebrate All The Times Olivia Wilde Has Made The Internet Swoon

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So far, 2015 is shaping up to be chock-full of Olivia Wilde, with the recently released The Lazarus Effect, upcoming Meadowland, and the much-hyped HBO Martin Scorsese rock drama. Today also happens to be another reason to celebrate Olivia Wilde — or the best thing that ever happened to Jason Sudeikis — it’s her 31st birthday. So, instead of fuming over how it’s the incredibly likable Sudeikis that gets to sing her happy birthday and not you, let’s look back at some of the reasons why the internet should go ahead and declare March 10 Olivia Wilde Day.

Doing the ice bucket challenge… with breast milk.

Hey, remember last summer when everybody was dumping buckets of ice water on themselves to raise awareness for ALS? Well, being that Olivia Wilde likes to color outside the lines, she took things a step further and doused herself in a bucket of her own breast milk, naturally angering the mommysphere in the process.

Now, some argued that she couldn’t have possibly produced that much breast milk on her own, which is a valid argument. Then again, this is the offspring of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis we’re talking about. Kid was probably tipping back a quart of the stuff every day. And while we’re on the subject of lactating…

Her breastfeeding photo shoot for Glamour

The image of a woman breastfeeding seems to always rattle the cages of a certain crowd, and Olivia Wilde seems to enjoy rattling cages from time to time. Wilde brought her son to her September 2014 Glamour photo shoot because, as Josh Kurp pointed out, it’s important that parents start embarrassing their children as early as possible.

Girl’s pretty good at the Twitter

Olivia Wilde’s a fairly regular tweeter, and while her Twitter doesn’t exactly get too Wilde (c’mon, I had to use that pun at least once), she’s pretty efficient at engaging her fans with goofy tweets like this…

And bad-ass photos like these…

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