Let’s Get To Know The Moron Charged With Leaving Unattended Bags At The Boston Marathon Finish Line

The Boston bombing was a terrible event that happened this time last year, so of course someone attempted to copycat the act this year. A man was charged with leaving two bags at the finish line of this year’s race, and it gets only stranger as we look deeper into his life. Via Deadspin:

This is the 25-year-old Boston man who allegedly left two backpacks at the Boston Marathon finish line Tuesday night and got himself arrested for his troubles. His name is Kevin Edson, though he’s now apparently going by Kayvon. He is, or was, a student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Art and design major, huh? Let’s check out his Facebook page and see what we got going here.

Yeah, so putting insane meme captions  on photos of the bomber might just mean that you’re trying too hard to show people how crazy you are, or that you’re actually crazy. Being a student at a Massachusetts college and posting that to your Facebook is not the wisest thing to do. Hell, having a negative thing to say about the Boston Red Sox on social media is practically a death sentence.

It doesn’t stop there. Check out his last status update from about 22 hours ago. It features the same image, but adds even more context to what this guy is trying to go for. I think. He’s an art student, and I’ll explain more after this.

What better way to show that the bombers are innocent than by leaving two unattended bags at the Boston Marathon finish line? It sounds like a genius idea, until you actually think about it for the smallest amount of time possible. It’s also being reported that inside the bags was a pressure cooker filled with confetti. Oh boy.

This guy is a performance artist and this is just about as amazingly bad as, well, every piece of performance art. Here he is rolling around in a mental institution quoting terrible poetry.

Don’t forget him wearing a bunch of weird outfits. One is him looking like he just spilled tomato soup on himself (?). IT’S HIGH-CONCEPT ART!

This reminds me of that part in Close Encounters of the Third Kind where the main character is molding his mashed potatoes, except he is alone, there are no aliens, and he’s in front of his webcam with dark make-up on.

(Via Deadspin, Facebook)