Let’s Officially Retire The Ice Bucket Challenge With These 50 Best Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges

The Ice Bucket Challenge has done a lot of good in the past few weeks. Like, a whole lot of good! According to The Huffington Post, the challenge had raised $88.5 million as of Tuesday. And that’s really, really great. But people have been dumping buckets of ice on their head for an entire month now, which in internet meme time is like, seventeen years — and as someone whose job is the internet, I implore you: Please stop.

Keep donating money to the ALS. Heck, even other charities! Miley Cyrus has that one. Go ahead. But enough with the ice. So here are the 50 best celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges, which comes to us from Robert Jones for Tastefully Offensive. Let’s all watch and get it out of our systems and then move on to the next thing that we’ll all obsess about.