National Treasures, Grumpy Cat, And Afternoon Links

“There’s a teacher at my school who has a copy of the Declaration of Independence taped to his door. Seeing as it was my last day, I decided to steal it and replace it with a photo of Nic.” — jakeralphio

Meme Watch: 10 Dog Is The Newest Addition To The Stoner Dog Pantheon |UPROXX|

Commercial Breakdown: The ‘Fast & Furious 6′ Super Bowl Ad |Film Drunk|

Come At Us, Bro: 15 Reasons Why It’s OK To Like Robin Williams |UPROXX|

Scotland Has Pole Dancing In Its Libraries Because It’s A Wonderful Country |With Leather|

The KSK Guide To Surviving The Off-Season |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

COUGARS: Six More 50+ Year Old Women More F*ckworthy Than Madonna |Smoking Section|

Jennifer Love Hewitt Continues To Promote ‘The Client List’ By Singing In Her Underpants |Warming Glow|

New Jacksonville Jaguars logos! |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Die Hard: The Musical |High Definite|

The Ten Beloved TV Douche Canoes Best Suited To Round Out The Cast Of The Entourage Movie |Pajiba|

5 Super Mario World Enemies Who Ruin Lives |Unreality|

TripAdvisor Reviews of Other People’s Homes |College Humor|

Origins of Eight of the Strangest Place Names in Canada |Mental Floss|

Oral History of the Costacos Brothers Sports Posters Empire |SB Nation|

BBC poll names Coldplay song as the ‘greatest hit’ of the last 10 years |Fark|

17 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will End Your Relationship |HuffPost Comedy|

Here Are The Outtakes From Rihanna’s Rolling Stone Photo Shoot |Buzzfeed|

VIDEO BELOW: Just a dog playing with a hula hoop. |via Petsami|

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[Inset picture via Neatorama.]