Fus Ro Ho Ho Ho! (And Afternoon Links)

“Hark, the herald Graybeards sing, glory to the Dovakiin!”Son Of A Chipwhich

Let’s Take A Quick Look Around Anna Kendrick’s New And Geeky Instagram Account, Shall We? |UPROXX|

‘Most Outrageous Baby Names Of 2012′ List Takes On ‘Hunger Games’ Fans |Film Drunk|

Meme Watch: Good 10 Guy Greg Is The Nicest Guy To Let Ruin Your Stuff |UPROXX|

Louis C.K. Considers His Greatest Achievement To Be Having Sex With A Girl From Oklahoma |Warming Glow|

My Psychic Told Me Caroline Wozniacki Have A Ass Like Serena |With Leather|

Larry The Cable Guy Ruined A Man’s Sunday Night In Lambeau |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

25 Great Back-And-Forth Raps |Smoking Section|

19 Perfect Gifts For Bill Murray Fans |HuffPost|

Tina Fey Photobombs “30 Rock” Stand-In |Buzzfeed|

Graphic Truth: The Longer Hanukkah Goes On |College Humor|

The 10 Most Traumatic Television Character Deaths of 2012 |Pajiba|

My Little Pony Handgun: Friendship is a Semi-Automatic |Technabob|

Abraham Lincoln, Grave Robbers, and an Excellent Embalmer |Mental Floss|

Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name (Less Angry Version) |High Definite|

The Unspoken Tragedies That Secretly Define Five Major Christmas Specials |Unreality|

Ten musical artists you’d have been listening to in 2012 if you weren’t such a loser. |Fark|

This Little Bro Dougie-ing with the Tampa Bay Cheerleaders Steals the Show and Then Some |Brobible|

VIDEO BELOW: Mush! Mush! |via SayOMG|

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[Pictures via Reddit and Tastefully Offensive.]