Little Girl Adorably Joins The Dark Side (and Links)

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04.12.11 5 Comments

VIDEO ABOVE: Little girl at Disneyland’s Jedi Academy chooses the dark side.  Bonus: check out the Stormtrooper fist pumping. [via SuperPunch]

Why Does Russia Want to Shut Down GMail? [UproxxNews]

A Guide to Recognizing Your Mascots – South Atlantic League [WithLeather]

This Week In Posters — Yep, Someone Made Honey 2 [Filmdrunk]

Women Hate Your Testicles: The Supercut [Filmdrunk]

The greatest commercial ever [WarmingGlow]

KSK Mock Draft: Biopic Subjects [KSK]

On My Five Current Songs For Spring [TSS]

Ellen Page Juggling [EgoTV]

This man is not human [Fark]

500 Video Game Fatalities [G4TV]

Natalie Portman’s Sexiest Scenes [Moviefone]

Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes [NextRound]

5-Year-Old Wrestler is a Total Badass [TSJ]

Self-Service Kitty Gets What It Wants [Urlesque]

Behold the Awesomest Custom Handhelds [UGO]

Jon Cryer Previews His Hardcore Rap Album on ‘The Comedy Awards’ [TVSquad]

Inset picture: Missoula firefighter Brett Cunniff (via BWE). This dude is getting so much kitty from this photo.

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