Something Isn’t Right With This Little Girl’s Chalk Drawing Of A Giraffe Family

If there’s one thing kids can almost always be counted on for, it’s drawing the most mundane things and inexplicably having them turn out looking like a penis. Car? Sideways penis. Bunny rabbit? Double-donged penis. So when the little girl in this video drew a “family of giraffes” on the front steps of her house, oh, you better believe it was a bunch of penises.

“Why don’t you explain to me what they are again, what you’ve drawn?” says the girl’s dad, as he narrates along. Running through the family of giraffes she’s created, the girl explains, “Here’s the baby, this is the big sister, mommy and the daddy, and then the big ones you can mix up, cause they’re like, the same!”

Of course, as we all know no two “giraffes” are actually the same, but given her age and naivety, I think we can forgive her.

(Via Reddit)