Watch This Precocious Little Girl Ask Brexit Proponent Nigel Farage Why He ‘Hates Foreigners’

Here’s a bit of context going into above clip: Sam Delaney’s News Thing is a weekly satire news program hosted on the Moscow-based UK television channel RT UK, with a format that includes monologues, a panel discussion with journalists and celebrities, as well as interview with politicians. On paper, it sounds similar to American shows such as The Daily Show or Real Time with Bill Maher.

Nigel Farage is the former leader of the UK Independence Party and instrumental proponent of Brexit, who was recently hired to be an on-air contributor for Fox News. Farage is apparently also a recurring political guest on News Thing, appearing in an upcoming episode.

Those are the facts we know. For some reason, during Farage’s appearance, a little girl in a red cape and plastic crown, holding an oversized inflatable toy sword was brought out to give Farage an honorary “News Things knighthood.” The knighting itself went off without a hitch, however after she was finished the little girl remained standing off to the side until the camera panned over to her and she said, seemingly on cue, “My mommy says you hate foreigners.”

It seems impossible that this wasn’t planned in some way, despite the host’s objections, but honestly, who cares. A nationalist being ambushed by a small child on TV? We’ll take it.

(Via Daniel Sanford)