A Young Woman Learned The Hilarious Reason Why You Should Never Leave Your Phone Unattended

Film/TV Editor

Trust no one, not even your cute little sister. That was the lesson learned by Alayna Mazerole when she ducked away from her phone a few times. Alayna later checked her texts and learned that wee sister had a crush on her boyfriend. Even worse, the younger Mazerole tried to steal Alayna’s away at the first possible moment. How dramatic. Much like many episodes of The Young and The Restless, you can’t leave your man alone for a minute without someone sliding over with a cocktail.

That’s not exactly what happened here, but the comparisons are worth a few laughs. In Alayna’s words, she left her phone alone “for 15 minutes” and came back to this exchange. Little sister swept right in with niceties, and the boyfriend played along for fun. Fortunately, you can tell he wasn’t serious, but this conversation was amusing enough to screencap for the masses. Then the tweet went viral.

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