A Woman Live-Tweeted A Mortifying Overheard Dinner Between An Arrogant Idiot And His Poor Date

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11.17.16 24 Comments


Nothing quite ruins an otherwise pleasant experience of dining out quite like having to listen to loud or obnoxious dinner conversation from your fellow patrons. This could come in the form of anything from the work meal between employees full of corporate lingo and corporate card martinis, to overhearing a table “know it all” who feels it his or her duty to explain the menu to everyone around them, or in all too many cases, an awkward or just flat out bad first date.

Overhearing a bad date, in particular, is not unlike a car wreck in that you want to stop listening but at the same time can’t seem to steer your head away from it. Which is probably why many people are compelled to live-tweet bad dates, in order to share the misery with everyone else. Such was the case with writer Kelly Fine, who was witness to such a heinous date Wednesday night that, frankly, seems like it can’t possibly real. (And it may not be, this is the internet after all!)

In what must have started out as an unassuming sushi dinner, Fine overheard the gentleman at a nearby table mansplain Japanese food not just to his poor, poor date, but to the restaurant staff and owner as well. Let’s see how that worked out, shall we?

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