Liveblog Reminder: 'Arrow' Goes On An 'Odyssey' Tonight

02.13.13 7 years ago 140 Comments

Last week’s episode ended with Ollie bursting through his mom’s window in full Arrow drag, ready to skewer her. No, with an arrow.

Needless to say, things don’t quite work out the way Ollie expects.

First, the good news: One of the show’s ongoing dumbest gags/facepalm moments, Ollie telling the adorable and much-smarter-than-he Felicity a blatant line of crap, is officially dumped as of tonight. By all accounts, Felicity actually saves Ollie’s life at the beginning of the episode and drags his bullet-riddled ass straight to the lair. This also comes on the heels of news that Felicity is being promoted to full member of the cast as of Season Two. Considering she’s funnier and smarter than… well, pretty much everybody else on the show short of Diggle, that’s only a good thing.

All we can say is… about damn time. The fact that Diggle, last episode, literally just rolled his eyes and walked away pretty much says it all.

It also appears that the majority of this episode will take place in flashback: Slade Wilson plays a major part, and apparently this will detail Ollie’s first, and ill-fated, attempt to escape the island.

The shenanigans start at 8pm EST, so keep an eye out.

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