People Are Freaking Out After The Loch Ness Monster’s ‘Remains’ Were Found On Shore

A set of curious remains was found on the shore of Loch Ness over the weekend, adding more fuel to the decades-old rumors about the “Loch Ness Monster” making its home in the large body of water outside of Inverness, Scotland. According to The Mirror, a dog walker came across a set of remains surrounded by police tape while out for a stroll and jumped to all sorts of crazy conclusions. The man sent his photos to Scottish organization Help2Rehome which then recirculated them online, setting off another conversation among believers and non-believers about whether Nessie is real.

Fortunately for a theoretical Nessie, it doesn’t look like these remains are legit after all. Because of course if they were actual monster remains than Nessie would be no more. But it turns out that the disturbing and thought-provoking discovery is actually part of a set for a movie that is filming in the area. Seeing as the legend of the Loch Ness monster is so pervasive in the local area and abroad, not to mention the focus of many obsessives around the world, it is probably a misstep to film a movie with suspicious looking remains so close to the monster’s “home.”

For now though it looks as if Nessie will stay a mystery and everybody can keep researching dozens of conspiracy theory angles about the creature’s existence. Because if it does exist, the monster is at least still alive and not decomposing on a beach somewhere.

(via The Mirror)