You Might Tear Up At This Performance By The London Gay Men’s Choir As They Pay Tribute To Orlando

The reason why those who commit terror attacks and hate crimes will never win is because — while they represent the absolute worst in mankind — their heinous acts will only inevitably bring out the best in mankind. Such has been the case with the tragic mass shooting in Orlando this week. As we mourn, it only pushes us to fight harder than ever to make changes and inspire the LGBT community to stand against discrimination and hate.

The beauty of mankind was apparent in vigils all over the world on Monday, such as the crowd who gathered at London’s Old Compton Street to pay tribute to the 49 killed and 53 injured. It was here that the London Gay Men’s Choir sang this moving rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s poignant 1970 classic, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

Rebecca H., who posted the video to YouTube, writes in the video’s description, “Apologies for the shaky video. I was crying quite a lot.” You likely will be too, before getting to the end of it. This — this right here — is why the terrorists will never win. Because with every horrible act, the human spirit shines brighter than ever.

You can learn more about the London Gay Men’s Choir on the group’s YouTube channel.