London’s New Tower Bridge Glass Walkway Got Shattered By A Beer Bottle Just Two Weeks After Opening

London’s Tower Bridge’s newest $1.5 million attraction — a glass walkway that spans thirty-six feet long, 140 feet above the Thames River and only seems mostly terrifying — has already been smashed by a beer bottle. The incident occurred last Friday during a private event when a waitress dropped the empty beer bottle off of a tray, and the damage was further exacerbated by a woman wearing stiletto heels. Thankfully the bottle only smashed the “upper, sacrificial layer” of glass so no one was in immediate risk of say, falling 140 feet to a horrible, horrible death.

Within two days the walkway had already been repaired, but here’s what it looked like:

Still, though. Here’s a video promoting the new attraction which shows you just what standing 140 feet above the Thames River looks like. So I don’t care, personally I would want ALL of the glass intact, thankyouverymuch.

(Via Huffington Post)