Louis C.K. Provided The Perfect Description Of Fame During His Letterman Appearance

Interview Part 2: Louis C.K. Explaining To Letterman How He Got Cut From An Entire Martin Lawrence Movie

Say hello to the next Tumblr gifset on your dash! Louis C.K. took a break from being everyone’s hero and stopped by Letterman to talk fame. Fame is a strange beast, one that can benefit or kill you with in a moments notice and I think Mr. C.K. realizes this.

I just don’t know how he is going to stop his fame. He had great roles in Blue Jasmine and American Hustle, his stand-up career is on fire and his show is a hit. Aside from pulling a Dave Chappelle and disappearing, I don’t know how he’s going to shake it at this point, although I think he’d have no qualms leaving it all behind if that’s what it took.

I can’t imagine having my face on the side of a bus. The amount of vomit and sh*t that would pile up on sidewalks across the country would make the folks at Guinness World Records die from fright.

But worry not, I’m just barely a lowly blogger who hangs out at the zoo. The only way you’ll see me on the side of a bus is when I finally decide I’m finished living. So tomorrow!

By the way, is the last bit about dressing for the job you want a call back to Louie and the wisdom of Jack Dahl? I did a quick search, but found nothing.

(Via Late Show)