Louis C.K. Is Threatening Anyone Who Might Secretly Tape His Shows With A Copyright Notice

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Disgraced comedian Louis C.K. has, Parkland school shooting diatribe notwithstanding, kept a rather quiet profile ever since he started touring again. But that all changed over the weekend when, as Vulture reports, news of the comic’s new copyright disclaimer notice began making the rounds on social media. Commenters were especially intrigued by the notice’s emphasis on “consent,” which immediately cause the conversation to devolve.

According to Vulture, writer James Shotwell first drew attention to the threatening copyright notice on Twitter, where he explained that Louis would be performing next weekend at the Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “In addition to adding YONDR pouches to his gigs,” read Shotwell’s tweet, “he also requires them to share this copyright notice that I have never before seen a comedian share/post.”

Vulture determined that the notice Shotwell had posted matched the one that was posted to the club’s events page. Louis’s apparent attempt to claim that anything he says or does in a live performance setting, be it written material or ad-libbed crowd work, is copyright is grounds for an interesting (and already tiring) discussion.

But what was especially interesting to his fellow comics, as well as reporters and other Twitter users, was the fact that Louis was essentially requiring “consent.” Obviously, people had plenty to say about this, in light of the damning behavior that initially tanked the comedian’s career in late 2017.

(Via Vulture)