Maddie The Coonhound Is A Superstar In The Making

I have a dream that one day an alien species will visit me in the middle of the night, and hopefully instead of trying to insert tracking devices into my tailpipe they will offer me the magical or technological ability to know any time something about an awesome dog or cat is uploaded to the Internet. Or maybe Apple can make me an app. You know, whichever happens first. I desire this great ability because I get a little depressed when somebody sends me a link to a site about an awesome dog and I haven’t seen it before. Perhaps I’m slipping in my old age.
Well I say damn dwelling on the past. Damn it to heck. And now I introduce you all to Maddie the Coonhound, the incredibly daring pooch pal of Theron Humphrey. My second favorite Theron behind Charlize, Humphrey is the pioneering mastermind behind This Wild Idea, which is his ambitious project to travel America and meet one new person per day for 365 days. And while I think Humphrey’s Wild Idea is admirable and will gladly shake his hand if he ever makes it back through my mean streets of Orlando, this is all about Maddie and her amazing ability to stand on whatever she wants.
Why does Maddie do it? Because dogs are awesome, that’s why.