This Man Called The Police Because His Girlfriend Let A Cat Eat His Bacon

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08.02.15 3 Comments

This clip reveals a few things about the way things are done across the pond in England. First, there’s clearly no shortage of people willing to call the police over the actions of cats all around the globe. We’ve seen this thing many times before and it’s really not a shock at this point. Cats are terrible and people have had enough.

Second, British folks are so very polite and proper. If this were someone here in a place like Pennsylvania, four cops might show up at the house, pistol whip the guy making the call, and then shoot the cat on general principle. All while the dispatcher criticizes the man over the phone.

Third, this man’s girlfriend is just plain mean. Let a cat eat some salmon just lying around or whatever type of meat pie you’re trying to pass off as food on that day. Not the bacon. Bacon is a two-fold food depending on how you look at it. On one hand it’s horrible for you and it comes from a filthy animal, something you shouldn’t just let a cat nibble on because it’s cute. On the other hand, bacon tastes good. Porkchops taste good.

Fourth, I think I can fit one more Pulp Fiction reference in here. What if they actually sent the cops out to check on this matter?

Feels good.

(Via Daily Dot / 1,000,000 V)

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