An Idiotic, Social Media Snafu Landed This Man Back In Prison For 15 Years

Everyone knows that social media is only good for three things: humble bragging, trading casserole recipes, and generally boring the sh*t out of everyone else on social media, and it’s not because your life is boring, it’s just that the machinations of social media themselves are boring and — I’m rambling. Sorry. Back to the news.

One thing that social media is not good for is posting selfies of yourself with a handgun outfitted with a laser beam. Seriously. Even if you weren’t a convicted felon, which this man is, that would not be a good idea. But, Malik First Born Allah Farrad — he used to go by the name Marvin Buckles — is not a man who thinks very clearly. In and out of jails and prisons since he was 14, you’d think that Farrad would have understood the system by now: The law explicitly implies that felons and guns do not get to dance with each other. The pairing is the Lambada — the forbidden dance.

Farrad knows nothing about dancing, nor does he understand the law, and for his negligence or complete ignorance, he received a prison term this week of 188 months, or, around about 15 years. Selfies ruin lives folks, and that’s the lesson I’m teaching to my daughter the first time I catch her doing a duck face to her phone’s camera.

(via Knoxville Sun Sentinel)