Never Insult Superman’s Mom: Zod Gets Punched, Faora Fights Chris Meloni In ‘Man Of Steel’ Clips

Never threaten that woman. Just… just trust us.

Man Of Steel opens next week (final trailer here), so the principal actors are making the rounds on chat shows, bringing new clips with them. Now two of those clips are embedded below. In the first clip, Zod arrives at the Kent farm to intimidate Superman’s mother. Superman swoops in and tackles Zod through a silo and drags him through acres of farmland while punching his helmet and yelling, “You think you can threaten my mother?” before crashing through a 7-Eleven.

All of the helmet punching wasn’t just about messing with his mom, though. It also destroyed Zod’s helmet so he couldn’t dull his heightened senses to prevent being overwhelmed. “It hurts, doesn’t it?” Superman taunts. Superman just totally trolled Zod. (Problem?)

I just have one gripe about this scene. Hollywood doesn’t seem to understand that a grain silo doesn’t explode when it cracks open*. It’s corn, not gunpowder, you silly geese.

The second clip premiered in a long HuffPost Live interview with Chris Meloni. In the scene, Meloni’s character tries to defend himself from the overpowered Faora-Ul (played by Antje Traue). She informs him, “A good death is its own reward.” Um, we’ll take a bad death much later that doesn’t involve getting shanked by a Kryptonian, thank you very much. A bad death after 90 years of slothful hedonism is also its own reward. (That’s the blogger’s credo.)

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* I know grain silos can explode (I live in Iowa), they just usually don’t. Slamming into the side of a grain silo is probably just going to make a mess. Even if you’re Superman.