The ‘S’ Stands For ‘Smash’: Real-World Costs Of The Fights In ‘Man of Steel’, With GIF Evidence

Man Of Steel has sold over $200M in tickets already, the biggest June opening weekend ever. That’s a big number, but you know what’s even bigger? *points to crotch* Okay, not even close, but what is even bigger is the amount of carnage the fight scenes in Man Of Steel would cause in a real city. Thankfully, Watson Technical Consulting has crunched the numbers for Buzzfeed.

They estimated the area of major damage to be a mile in diameter, with 129,000 people killed, a quarter million missing, and almost a million people injured, which was the same damage the U.S. caused from dropping an atomic bomb on Nagasaki during WWII.

They estimate the building damage to be $700 billion, with damage to the economy reaching $2 trillion. To put that in perspective, 9/11 wreaked $55 billion in structural damage and $123 billion in economic impact.

How does Man of Steel‘s movie mayhem compare to other films in the superhero genre? Last year, Kinetic Analysis Corp. (yes, there are apparently two separate firms who do this kind of thing) estimated the damage to New York in The Avengers at about $160 billion. [CA]

Hearing that Man Of Steel‘s theoretical damage to buildings is over four times more than that in The Avengers may seem far fetched, but then again, we do have these GIFs…

Holy S.

Is there anyone who can keep a cool head through this?

And not a single superf*ck was given that day.

[All pictures via CBM, Edgarwrights, and Gingerhaze.]