The ‘S’ Stands For ‘Sexy’: First Two Clips From ‘Man Of Steel’ And A Hot TV Spot

Just two days after we found this thirteen-minute featurette and huge batch of photos from Man Of Steel, Warner has released two great clips and another brief TV spot. The first clip features Lois Lane and Superman (played by Amy Adams and Henry Cavill) meeting for the first time. They’re flirting so much the scene should have gone like this:

The second clip premiered on Ellen yesterday and features Laurence Fishburne as The Daily Planet’s Editor-in-Chief Perry White. He’s lecturing employee Lois Lane about one of her articles. We can sum up the clip with one gravitas-soaked picture.

“My daughter did what?”

The final video is similar to previous TV spots, except they added a visual gag. The scene where a soldier says she thinks Superman is “kinda hot” is followed by this scene.

We see what you did there, and we screencapped it. It’s for work. Don’t judge me. *hugs external hard drive full of Henry Cavill pictures*

Finally, here’s everything awesome about Superman summed up in one picture.

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