These ‘Man of Steel’ TV Spots And GIFs Totally Punched Our Zod

Three new TV spots for Man Of Steel premiered this weekend, showing a surprising amount of new footage. We somehow didn’t see everything in the first, second, and third theatrical trailers and the previous TV spots like this and these. We’ve also collected new Man Of Steel GIFs from these clips because we’ve already done that two times now, so why not more? As long as Zack Snyder keeps filming Superman punching things midair and blasting lasers from the face, we’ll post GIFs of it.

The first TV spot below may be a spoiler for some who don’t want to know whether or not Superman will communicate with his father, Jor-El, in his fortress of solitude.

The second video below includes a funny moment where a female soldier mentions that this man of steel is “kinda hot”. (Try very hot, you ingrate.)

The third video below shows off some of General Zod’s equipment, with an added bonus of a scene where Jor-El tells Zod, “My son is twice the man you are.” Then Zod makes this face.

This probably amuses me much more than it should. All the faces Michael Shannon makes in this are Metamucil ad ready.

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Man Of Steel opens June 14th. And now, bring on the GIFs!